Lindsey Lonergan

Real Estate Advisor | Golf Course Certified Agent

I’m Lindsey Lonergan. I’m a proud, working mother of two and wife to a former golf professional in the Tampa, FL area. I run on self-motivation, coffee, and believe my Peloton is the next best thing since sliced bread. As a 3rd generation Tampa native, whose great-grandmother endured the long journey from Cuba to Florida in the early 1900’s, I take pride in representing this beautiful and increasingly-growing historical city. From the Cuban cigar industry, to some of Tampa’s most historical restaurants, my roots run deep and my relationships and connections even deeper. I may be most well-known around town for my affiliation with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization as a former NFL Cheerleader— the youngest (at the time), making the team during my last couple of months as a senior in high school—my closest claim to fame!

It doesn’t shock me that my profession eventually turned to focus on golf and the golfing community. I grew up in a household cringing at my father’s daily golf binge on the television and weekends when he’d take me with him to the golf course, only to conclude my favorite part about golf was chauffeuring him around in the cart. Years later, I coincidentally landed my first job, after graduating from Florida State University, as Member Relations Director of a private country club in my hometown. As if that wasn’t enough, this is also where I met my future husband, Sean. From there, my professional connections gradually led me away from golf and into various community outreach and management roles in the multifamily housing industry, eventually paving the path into real estate.

After two full years of practicing real estate with The Fowkes Group of Re/Max Collective, I eventually realized that there was no individual or business specifically specializing in assisting the avid golfer relocate to the city with over 70+ golf courses—Tampa, FL. So, I decided I wanted to create this service. And for that idea, I get to thank COVID-19. In March 2020, I found myself coming off of my second maternity leave and entering the world of the pandemic. If you can imagine, I had been at home with a newborn for three whole months, excited and determined to get back to work, meetings, outings with friends and clients. As that was just coming to fruition, I then had to stay home for another three months, and then another, which turned into much longer than I had ever anticipated being home for leave. Real estate in Tampa was booming as meetings and showings turned virtual. I’ve never in my life had to think as “out-of-the-box” as I have had to over the past year, pivoting at every angle, and trying to stay afloat and authentic. It was at this point, I decided that I did not want to be the same as every other real estate agent in Tampa. I wanted to offer something different, something specific, something that no one else was able to provide in the way that I am able to do so. And so, I used the “year at home,” as I call it, to strengthen my knowledge of each golf club and community within Tampa; building relationships with every Membership Director and club along the way. I became certified through Golf Life Navigators as Tampa’s Premier Golf Certified Real Estate Agent, and I partnered with my husband to help educate me further on our local courses and the game, which I continue to do so daily. Although I continue working with buyers and sellers in every area within Tampa, I am proud to present to you, Tampa’s first real estate consulting concierge, assisting those looking to live within or near a golf community that fits their golf course, membership, and real estate preferences. Oh, and I do enjoy playing golf with my husband and my dad; and I’ll still always take the opportunity to be the cart driver!

Why Real Estate?

Loves helping others and helping them find the beauty in residing in Tampa Bay and the homes it offers is even better!

I’m inspired by…

My prospects, clients, friends and family. Every day is an opportunity to meet someone new and make an impact on their life and mine!

Guilty Pleasure…

Guinness Beer